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Group 4: A year in the UK

Description: A girl (Valerie) from Germany visits her grandma (Jule). Granny lives in the UK and the girl planned to stay there for a year, visit a british school, to improve her english skills. After a long flight she arrives at the house of her grandma and is very excited.


Grandma - played by Jule

Girl - played by Valerie

Knock, Knock. The doorbell rings
Gran: Yes, yes. I'm right here! (she walks to the door and opens it). Oh, my girl! I'm glad your here.
Girl: Hi Granny, nice to see you after this long time! Are you feeling well?
Gran: I'm energetic as always. And now come in, I made us some tea!
Girl: Great, I'm very thirsty! So, ... where should I put my bags?
Gran: Just there on the floor. And now sit down! Here is your tea.
Girl: Thank you! (drinks tea) Granny? What did you do with this tea? It tastes like gift!
Gran: Darling, I don't understand, what do you mean?
Girl: It's horrible! What did you put in this tea? Do you want me to die?
Gran: No, of course not! I thought you like it, because you said it's a gift?
Girl: Huh? What do you mean with >a gift< ?
Gran: A present...?
Girl: Oh, I'm sorry! I was talking about poison! Gran: This is my special 60's tea, my friend Scott Rainbow gave the recipe to me!
Girl: And what is this stuff called?
Gran: Weed tea or something like that...
Girl: WHAT? Grandma, those are drugs! Not some crowd you can put in everything...
Gran: Chill down! It's very healthy and makes you happy. Trsut me, with this, life is better. Ah~ I miss the 60's... And I bet you just said a wrong word. 'Cuz a crowd is something else than this drug stuff!
Girl: No I won't >chill down<. This isn't good for you and for me! You should really stop this hippie-thing! And I'm sorry, I'm outta mind today!
Gran: You know I can't! And Scott is a really nice boy, when I call him, he's always telling me what I want to know.
Girl: Is this Scott a gay callboy? Gran: Why gay? And what is a callboy? Girl: Because he calls himself >Scott Rainbow<? And all the gay people are using this Rainbow thing... And a callboy is a male prostitute...
Gran: Maybe you're right. But he is so nice to me!
Girl: Whatever... you shouldn't buy this mark again! Drugs aren't good for a woman your age!
Gran: Girl, I don't get marks anymore! I'm not in school. You mean brand, don't you?
Girl: Yes, I mean brand. I'm sorry, those words are hard for me to learn!
Gran: Don't worry, you'll get better at this! Could you tell me anything about your mother? Is she doing well with work?
Girl: Yes, she's ok. But her personal is very stupid!
Gran: Her personal?
Girl: You know, the people who work for her!
Gran: Do you mean the staff?
Girl: Ah yes! Sorry, I have forgotten that word again!
Gran: That doesn't sound very well, but if she's healthy and taking it slow, I won't worry too much.
Girl: (yawns)
Gran: You must be tired! Please go to bed, we'll start very early tomorrow. And your flight from Germany was very long.
Girl: Yeah, you are right! But please don't stay awake to long.
Gran: Yes, goodnight!
Girl: Goodnight!

Next Morning

Gran: Good morning, wake up! I made us breakfast, there are cookies and hot chocolate!
Girl: This sounds delicious, I'm there in a minute!
Gran: Ok, I will wait for you!
Girl: Good Morning Granny, what are the plans for today?
Gran: I'd like to go for a walk in the park.
Girl: Nice, I'm looking forward to it!
Gran: We will start in half an hour!

Half an hour later

Gran: Come on, there is the park!
Girl: Oh, this is great!
Gran: I'm happy you're here.
Girl: I missed you too! I'm wondering what will change for me this year...
Gran: We'll see darling, we'll see.
Girl: Look, there is a bank! We can sit there and talk about old times!
Gran: Honey, this i a bench! (they walk to the bench) You should really get used to these false friends!
Girl: I know...