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False Friends“ sind Wörter, die sehr häufig verwechselt werden. Durch die Verwechslung kann es oft zu Missverständnissen kommen. Als falschen Freund bezeichnet man ein Paar aus einem fremdsprachigen Wort und einem Wort der Muttersprache. Diese ähneln sich in der Aussprache oder in der Schrift, haben aber vollkommen unterschiedliche Bedeutungen.

„Kann ich ein Steak bekommen?“ -> „Can I become a steak?“ FALSE
(become=False Friend) „Can I get a steak?” RIGHT

In der Zeit der Projektwoche erarbeiteten wir uns ein Gespräch in dem False Friends auftraten.

One young pair meet an old pair. The young pair comes from England and the old pair comes from Germany-Dresden.

(N)iklas, (T)om, (A)lisea, (I)sabell

T (schauend auf Karte): Komm, wir fragen einfach mal jemanden.

A: Okay

T: Excuse me can you help us?

N: yes what’s your problem?

A: Where is the Dom?

T: Nein, dass heißt nicht Dom, das heißt Cathedral

A: Oh sorry I mean the cathedral

I: Oh ok, go straight and then go left

T: Can you show it on the card?

N: What do you mean?

A: We mean this card! ( auf Karte zeigend)

N: oh, you mean the map!

I: (zeigt den Weg auf der Karte)

T: Thank you and can you recommend a Wellness hotel?

N: What is a Wellness hotel?

A: It’s a good hotel where you can relax. You can take a massage.

I: Oh, you mean spa!

A: yes!

N: Near the London Eye there is a beautiful spa.

A: Thank you. What’s the price for one night?

I: I don’t know, but it’s not too much

T: Ok, that’s nice and at last can you recommend a restaurant?

N: Yes, of curse! You can eat at the famous restaurant “the Botanist” in Chelsea.

A: can you describe the way please?

I: You have to go by the red bus number 11 and then you have to walk straight on for 5 minutes.

T: Is the red bus an Oldtimer?

N: Oldtimer???


A: It’s an old car.

N: Oh you mean a vintage car! No it’s only a bus.

T: okay thank you. We go to the restaurant. Goodbye!

At the Restaurant:

A: Hey waiter! Can I become a steak please?

N: Okay, come on. I’ll take you to the barbecue HAHA

A: No, I’m sorry, I mean I would like to eat a Steak.

N: yes, I know. It’s okay.

T: Can I get a slice of bread with strawberry marmelade?

N: I thing you mean jam, because marmalade is only with orange.

T: Oh yes thank you waiter. I can’t speak English very well.

N: It’s ok.

A: ok and I take one glass of water please.

N: ok

N: Caren do you see the tourists from table 5?

I: yes I do. What’s wrong with this people?

N: They made mistakes in every sentence. But it’s very funny to speak with them.

I: Why is it so funny and what mistakes did they make?

N: They sad: “ Can I become a steak pleas”? and my answer was: “Okay I’ll take you to the barbecue.”

I: Haha. You are mean. Are you kidding me? You shouldn’t make fun of our guests.

N: Calm down. They laughed.

I: okay okay. I’ll bring them the water.

I: Here is your glass of water.

A: Thank you

I: You’re welcome!

T: Please wait! I have a question.

I: Yes, please go on.

A: Can we have a senior portion?

I: I don’t understand why!

T: while we are seniors and we get a little rent.

I: oh ok, but I think you mean ‘because’ and what is rent?

A: rent is the money that we get after our worktime.

I: Oh you mean a pension.

A: yes! Sorry

I: No problem.

I: They made another mistakes about the pension

N: HAHA!!!

N: Here is you steak and your slice of bread.

A: Thank you!

N: Enjoy your meal.

T: Thanks

After a few minutes…

A: Can we have the bill please?

I: Yes, please wait a minute

A: Los wir gehen jetzt schnell ins Hotel ich bin total müde.

T: Okay los, ich ruf ein Taxi damit damit wir nicht laufen müssen. Such schon mal dein Portmonee raus.

A: ……..oh warte mal, ich finde es nicht.

T: Ach quatsch, du findest es bloß wieder nicht in deiner Tasche weil dor6t Unordnung herrscht.

A: Nein, wirklich nicht!

N: Her the bill, would you like to pay cash or with the credit card?

T: Oh sorry, the moneybag from my wife was stolen today but we notice it only now. I’m Sorry.

N: it is a pity. Give me your ID card and pay tomorrow.

A: Thank you very much. We go to the police station fast.

At the police department…

I: Hello , how can I help you?

A: My purse was stolen! Look , it’s not here anymore!!

I: Please calm down and talk to me slowly. We will solve your problem. Describe the situation to me when your purse was stolen.

A: I don’t know when. We wanted to pay in the restaurant but it was no longer there.

I: Okay.

A: And what can you do for me ?

I: Which person did you meet this day?

A: We met one young couple but they were very nice.

I: Oh ok , but I think nthey are the people who stolen the purse.

A: Oh ok and can you find them?

I: I’ll try it!

A: Ok , thank you.