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This page informs you about the practical usage of the linked formula applet.
The way of linking a formula applet into a page of ZUM-Wiki is described on this page: linking a formula applet.


With a click on the right side of your computer-mouse on the input-applet you can open a menu with entries for fractions, roots, logarithms etc.


cancel down the fraction!

bitte warten
Open the input-applet with a click on it (grey rectangle). It's going to change its colour to turquoise and it's waiting for your input.

You can enter - x + a, a - x or -(x - a). Every soulution is right
You can correct it with 'Backspace'. With 'entf' you can delete the whole term.
Finish your input with RETURN. Now your solution is checked.
The colour orange means 'wrong', green means 'correct'.


Shortcuts for the input of fractions, etc

If you like to work with your keyboard instead of the mouse you can use the following shortcuts in the table below.
All movements with the arrow keys can also be done with mouse-clicks !

function in the formula applet shortcut
fractions e.g. \frac{2}{3} Ctrl + B \Rightarrow 2 \Rightarrow \Rightarrow 3 \Rightarrow leave the denominator with:

e.g. a^2+b^2

A \Rightarrow \Rightarrow 2 \Rightarrow \Rightarrow + \Rightarrow B \Rightarrow \Rightarrow 2
square roots

e.g. \sqrt{3}

Ctrl + W \Rightarrow e.g. 3 \Rightarrow leave the radicand with:
cube roots

e.g. \sqrt[3]{2}

Ctrl + H \Rightarrow e.g. 2 \Rightarrow leave the radicand with:
nth roots

e.g. \sqrt[5]{2}

You can start just like with the cube root: Ctrl + H \Rightarrow 2 \Rightarrow then you move with to the key 3
\Rightarrow Now you delete with: ← Backspace the number 3 and replace it e.g. with the number 5 \Rightarrow

leave the radicand with:

recurring decimals

e.g. 2,5\bar2

2 \Rightarrow , \Rightarrow 5 \Rightarrow Ctrl + P \Rightarrow 2
set up a new equation

(manual mode)

Ctrl + M
set up a new equation

(automatic mode)

Ctrl + A
export into the clipboard ↵ Return or alternatively: Ctrl + E
insert the result:
"no result"
Ctrl + N
insert indefinite integrals: Alt + U
insert definite integrals: Alt + B
Delete the input ← Backspace or alternatively: Entf

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